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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something lightweight funny and yet so wrong...

I saw this pic and this caption came to mind...I'm not right... ;)


A Very Sad Week

First, I find out a very dear friend was not only very sick, but in hospice care. He passed away on Tuesday afternoon. And then, all week it seemed that almost everyday at least one of my friends had to say farewell to one of their furkids - mostly unexpectedly.
Thursday evening my boyfriend who is far from my arms in Los Angeles came home to find his youngest cat utterly lethargic and not at all interested in treats that he usually goes bonkers for. His gums were pale and he looked in bad shape. On Friday, he got his furbaby to the vet only to find out that his feline friend was extremely jaundiced and most likely succumbing to liver cancer/liver failure and was put to sleep. :( My heart broke anew for my beau who was utterly out of my reach to hug and help him through his grief.
For all of my friends experiencing loss, know that my heart goes out to you and I am very sorry for your loss.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Warning - Rant Ahead - Inconsiderate A-Holes Abound! WTF?

(compiled from a facebook rant earlier today w/some adds)
Okay WHAT is w/this sadly entrenched trend of "It's ALL about ME!" behavior? I'm REALLY, REALLY TIRED OF IT!!!
I head out to get my car inspected (a few days overdue). And as I'm driving down a nearby street w/cars parked on both sides...another car parked has the driver's door OPEN into the VERY narrow path of travel. I roll my window down to say something to the (WHO'S RIGHT THERE) driver who is on the other side of the car beating her gums to her friend/sister/whatever...  So, I say nicely (but pointedly) "Your door is open!" and she looks at me as if I've grown a second head w/a clown mask... I carefully navigate past and drive on. I glance in my rearview mirror to see her CONTINUING to YAMMER w/her friend...door is still WIDE OPEN!??! I wish I had had it in me (financially) to just fire it into reverse and tear her door the FRAK OFF!!!   
And upon my return home w/yummy Chinese food and new inspection sticker in my possession - a black Ford Fusion ahead of me pulls into the parking area for my complex's residents. And I'm right there behind her - stuck in the street. She throws her car in park to finish a call (...I'm supposing based on seeing her damned phone to her ear as she left in a bit)...I toot the horn...NOTHING...I then HONK my horn and NOTHING...I then HONKED IT AGAIN! She pulls into another spot (I was gonna go Medieval on her ass had she chosen to pull into my spot...) and I park in my paid for spot. She backs out and pulls out of the glued to her bubble blonde head.
Oh and to boot - the other day, I was PINING (not for the fjords) for a cattle guard on the front of my Focus. Y'know - it TRULY doesn't take much effort to be a courteous person. But some folks would MUCH rather pretend it's just them and the occupants of their personal space and the rest of the world can suck it. It makes me STABBY!

C'mon people - being aware of life OUTSIDE of your personal space is really not that hard...this is REAL LIFE, NOT YOUR OWN PERSONAL REALITY SHOW! OTHER PEOPLE MATTER! I'd be willing to bet these TWATWAFFLES are all "conservative republicans/teawads". I've HAD IT!