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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glitter in My Crock Pot

So much going on. I'm moving!
No, not to New Orleans, but to Los Angeles! Yeah, you read that right, L.A..
If you read my other blog, you can get the scoop there on the whys & wherefores. Right here, I'm working through the now less than 2 weeks away emotions of cutting free and moving 1560+/- (and then some from my NOLA peeps) miles away from my friend/family base.

As I was clearing off my craft table (which had become the repository of just about anything...jeeze) - I excavated my crockpot...and what did I see? Glitter! LOL! Hence the name of this post.

Excitement, purging stuff/packing stuff and adrenaline has been keeping my head busy. Yes, I'm SO VERY jazzed to be going to live with my Boo, that's not the issue. It's just that now - it's really starting to sink in that there are goodbyes to be said to family and friends.

Tonight, I said goodbye to my father and aunt. Now, if my mom is reading this - do not take this as a slam against my other father (her second husband). My inner-loop dad and I are very close. We hang out at least 2ce a week, and more since I've been needing to load stuff in my storage room that I cannot get there on my own. We get together on Lotto nights for dinner and television. He's my buddy as well as someone I can talk to. Telling him 'laters' tonight was difficult. He's leaving on Wednesday for a road trip up to a family reunion and won't be back until I'm just out of reach when I'm scrabbling my way across TX, NM and AZ to the West Coast.

Being with my Boo will really rock, so that isn't making me sad, but it's just a change. I cannot wait to be able to see him daily.

This coming weekend I say goodbye to my mom and other dad and my brother and my friends - that will see me shedding a fair amount of tears, too. And a week on Thursday, I say farewell to my career in office furniture...hallellujah! :) I will be looking for a part-time job or two once I get to L.A., but I'm not looking for a 'career' but for something I enjoy and make enough money at to be comfy but not overly stressed. Maybe I'll find something I want to pursue further, which would be great. But the stint in L.A. is only about a year, so just some experiences in different things will work.

My car will be paid off in February or March, so that will function as a raise. ;)

It's just a crazy time for my emotions and the big changes afoot in my life. I'm booked for my hotels on the trip out, pet-friendly places. I hope the cats handle the road trip alright...

Anyhoo, that's enough blather from me right now.
Cheers...time to inflate my temporary bed (the other one is in storage) - and hit the hay...I'm zapped.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jane Eyre - a review

So, I went to the 4:15 showing of the latest iteration of the classic "Jane Eyre" at the Houston River Oaks Theatre. All in all - a B++.

It left me wanting to read the book again, as it's been some time since I last poured over the pages. (and of course, I cannot find my copy, must be in a box at my dad's or I shall have to acquire a new one)
Mia was perfect as Jane, Michael Fassbinder intriguing as Mr. Rochester (and quite dishy in a young yet craggy way).
Dame Judy Dench wonderful as ever - what do they put in the British water to make so many actresses so adaptable and yet natural?
The costumes get my HEARTY approval (not easily won, generally).
The story was a bit muddy in places - I imagine it due to some screenplay edits a bit disjointed, but overall flowed. But then, who knows what was left on the editing room floor? (mayhap a director's cut will be on the DVD?)
The lighting was overall very appropriate for a comfy, yet dankly situated manor house. Might have been some lamps used 'before their time' but not such that it ruined anything.
My only actual 'complaint' was: disjointed's like a few different 'impressions' were shooting this movie. Grainy film in some spots, damned near HD in others...
But - WORTH the $7 matinee admission.

I hope there will be more footage on the DVD. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something lightweight funny and yet so wrong...

I saw this pic and this caption came to mind...I'm not right... ;)


A Very Sad Week

First, I find out a very dear friend was not only very sick, but in hospice care. He passed away on Tuesday afternoon. And then, all week it seemed that almost everyday at least one of my friends had to say farewell to one of their furkids - mostly unexpectedly.
Thursday evening my boyfriend who is far from my arms in Los Angeles came home to find his youngest cat utterly lethargic and not at all interested in treats that he usually goes bonkers for. His gums were pale and he looked in bad shape. On Friday, he got his furbaby to the vet only to find out that his feline friend was extremely jaundiced and most likely succumbing to liver cancer/liver failure and was put to sleep. :( My heart broke anew for my beau who was utterly out of my reach to hug and help him through his grief.
For all of my friends experiencing loss, know that my heart goes out to you and I am very sorry for your loss.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Warning - Rant Ahead - Inconsiderate A-Holes Abound! WTF?

(compiled from a facebook rant earlier today w/some adds)
Okay WHAT is w/this sadly entrenched trend of "It's ALL about ME!" behavior? I'm REALLY, REALLY TIRED OF IT!!!
I head out to get my car inspected (a few days overdue). And as I'm driving down a nearby street w/cars parked on both sides...another car parked has the driver's door OPEN into the VERY narrow path of travel. I roll my window down to say something to the (WHO'S RIGHT THERE) driver who is on the other side of the car beating her gums to her friend/sister/whatever...  So, I say nicely (but pointedly) "Your door is open!" and she looks at me as if I've grown a second head w/a clown mask... I carefully navigate past and drive on. I glance in my rearview mirror to see her CONTINUING to YAMMER w/her friend...door is still WIDE OPEN!??! I wish I had had it in me (financially) to just fire it into reverse and tear her door the FRAK OFF!!!   
And upon my return home w/yummy Chinese food and new inspection sticker in my possession - a black Ford Fusion ahead of me pulls into the parking area for my complex's residents. And I'm right there behind her - stuck in the street. She throws her car in park to finish a call (...I'm supposing based on seeing her damned phone to her ear as she left in a bit)...I toot the horn...NOTHING...I then HONK my horn and NOTHING...I then HONKED IT AGAIN! She pulls into another spot (I was gonna go Medieval on her ass had she chosen to pull into my spot...) and I park in my paid for spot. She backs out and pulls out of the glued to her bubble blonde head.
Oh and to boot - the other day, I was PINING (not for the fjords) for a cattle guard on the front of my Focus. Y'know - it TRULY doesn't take much effort to be a courteous person. But some folks would MUCH rather pretend it's just them and the occupants of their personal space and the rest of the world can suck it. It makes me STABBY!

C'mon people - being aware of life OUTSIDE of your personal space is really not that hard...this is REAL LIFE, NOT YOUR OWN PERSONAL REALITY SHOW! OTHER PEOPLE MATTER! I'd be willing to bet these TWATWAFFLES are all "conservative republicans/teawads". I've HAD IT!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frontline - "Post Mortem"

Wow...seriously?  Not all folks running city/county morgues in this country have to be Forensic Pathologists???

Some of the folks appointed/elected to such positions (when not hired with proper requirements) don't even have to have a high school diploma?!??!  That means "I" could even be one.  Hell, I'd be BETTER at it than some of the untrained folks in their positions. Not that I'm bucking for such a thing.

And for many of the cases they are covering on the's putting my New Orleans in a not great light.  This is NOT news to me, but it is something that needs to be FIXED!

It's great to see Mary Howell on the show - I would LOVE to meet her and to have the Dude meet her - he's quite the Civil Rights' champion! :)  (another reason I love him!)

Okay, the show is intense and disturbing, but it's a serious wake-up call.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Twist, Sans Oliver

Took the left over (b/c I wanted to share) roast beef/gravy/veggie delicious blend w/me to my Dad's on Tuesday night. Went to p/u some fresh par-baked French bread but all they had were veritable breadsticks w/a hint of steroid.  So, I grabbed two of them and pondered the concept of 'decontstructed po'boys'...

Dished up the 'delicious blend' into my Dad's Corelle dish and topped w/sliced French bread and baked for a bit, to bake off the bread and heat up the mixture.  Well, "yay" and "boo"...the overall concept worked, but in future - I'll just cut the loaf length-wise and leave the crust side up. 

But, hey - I tried it. :)  And we pigged out.