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Friday, April 1, 2011

Jane Eyre - a review

So, I went to the 4:15 showing of the latest iteration of the classic "Jane Eyre" at the Houston River Oaks Theatre. All in all - a B++.

It left me wanting to read the book again, as it's been some time since I last poured over the pages. (and of course, I cannot find my copy, must be in a box at my dad's or I shall have to acquire a new one)
Mia was perfect as Jane, Michael Fassbinder intriguing as Mr. Rochester (and quite dishy in a young yet craggy way).
Dame Judy Dench wonderful as ever - what do they put in the British water to make so many actresses so adaptable and yet natural?
The costumes get my HEARTY approval (not easily won, generally).
The story was a bit muddy in places - I imagine it due to some screenplay edits a bit disjointed, but overall flowed. But then, who knows what was left on the editing room floor? (mayhap a director's cut will be on the DVD?)
The lighting was overall very appropriate for a comfy, yet dankly situated manor house. Might have been some lamps used 'before their time' but not such that it ruined anything.
My only actual 'complaint' was: disjointed's like a few different 'impressions' were shooting this movie. Grainy film in some spots, damned near HD in others...
But - WORTH the $7 matinee admission.

I hope there will be more footage on the DVD. :)

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