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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glitter in My Crock Pot

So much going on. I'm moving!
No, not to New Orleans, but to Los Angeles! Yeah, you read that right, L.A..
If you read my other blog, you can get the scoop there on the whys & wherefores. Right here, I'm working through the now less than 2 weeks away emotions of cutting free and moving 1560+/- (and then some from my NOLA peeps) miles away from my friend/family base.

As I was clearing off my craft table (which had become the repository of just about anything...jeeze) - I excavated my crockpot...and what did I see? Glitter! LOL! Hence the name of this post.

Excitement, purging stuff/packing stuff and adrenaline has been keeping my head busy. Yes, I'm SO VERY jazzed to be going to live with my Boo, that's not the issue. It's just that now - it's really starting to sink in that there are goodbyes to be said to family and friends.

Tonight, I said goodbye to my father and aunt. Now, if my mom is reading this - do not take this as a slam against my other father (her second husband). My inner-loop dad and I are very close. We hang out at least 2ce a week, and more since I've been needing to load stuff in my storage room that I cannot get there on my own. We get together on Lotto nights for dinner and television. He's my buddy as well as someone I can talk to. Telling him 'laters' tonight was difficult. He's leaving on Wednesday for a road trip up to a family reunion and won't be back until I'm just out of reach when I'm scrabbling my way across TX, NM and AZ to the West Coast.

Being with my Boo will really rock, so that isn't making me sad, but it's just a change. I cannot wait to be able to see him daily.

This coming weekend I say goodbye to my mom and other dad and my brother and my friends - that will see me shedding a fair amount of tears, too. And a week on Thursday, I say farewell to my career in office furniture...hallellujah! :) I will be looking for a part-time job or two once I get to L.A., but I'm not looking for a 'career' but for something I enjoy and make enough money at to be comfy but not overly stressed. Maybe I'll find something I want to pursue further, which would be great. But the stint in L.A. is only about a year, so just some experiences in different things will work.

My car will be paid off in February or March, so that will function as a raise. ;)

It's just a crazy time for my emotions and the big changes afoot in my life. I'm booked for my hotels on the trip out, pet-friendly places. I hope the cats handle the road trip alright...

Anyhoo, that's enough blather from me right now.
Cheers...time to inflate my temporary bed (the other one is in storage) - and hit the hay...I'm zapped.

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