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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Twist, Sans Oliver

Took the left over (b/c I wanted to share) roast beef/gravy/veggie delicious blend w/me to my Dad's on Tuesday night. Went to p/u some fresh par-baked French bread but all they had were veritable breadsticks w/a hint of steroid.  So, I grabbed two of them and pondered the concept of 'decontstructed po'boys'...

Dished up the 'delicious blend' into my Dad's Corelle dish and topped w/sliced French bread and baked for a bit, to bake off the bread and heat up the mixture.  Well, "yay" and "boo"...the overall concept worked, but in future - I'll just cut the loaf length-wise and leave the crust side up. 

But, hey - I tried it. :)  And we pigged out. 

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