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Friday, January 21, 2011

Because I Could

Welcome to Rebellious Pigtails!

For a few years now, I've reclaimed my seemingly lost ability to wear pigtails BECAUSE I'm well above the age one typically stops wearing them. Someone admonished me a few years back when I started to wear them on the weekend - that I shouldn't do that...hence, the name of my blog.

This is my personal rant/review/ramble blog. All opinions are therefore just that - my .02 (though in this economy, probably about a half-penny) and are NOT recommendations or to be used in lieu of talking with your doctor, pharmacist, elder, sex therapist, curling coach or any person you look up to.

I'll also be sharing recipes, cat stories (I have two), and such. Full disclosure: I am an incurable NOLA-holic, but I have a blog about that and how I'm trying to get there. But sometimes it will intrude (I'm very permissive w/my love for New Orleans) so just deal. But there will be links to music, movies, news, and whatnot - and all copyrights of that property obviously remain intact. I am not passing off any such info as my own, but will offer my opinion and such.

I have (and hope to continue having) a WONDERFUL boyfriend who is someone who came back into my life at the end of 2009 after a 26 year gap, for the sake of his general privacy - he'll be referred to simply as the "Dude". Some of you may know him and some won't. He's an amazing fellow who keeps me on an even keel, even when (I'm sure) he wants to keelhaul me! LOL!

So, here goes.

Who's up for roast beef po' boys? :)

(updated to edit some bogus punctuation)


  1. I'm going to find a pic of me as a weensie w/pigtails and make that the background, if I can make that work. :)